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Jul 12, 2017

This cannot be the end.

Please be advised that this episode contains gun violence and explicit language. Read the transcript here.


Writer - Ernio Hernandez
Director - Dania Ramos
Sound designer, audio engineer - Michael Aquino

"Blood Heart" lyrics by Ernio Hernandez; music & performance by Michael Aquino
"Only Human" written by Tim Conway; performed by Deena Shoshkes

AHOTE: Michael Aquino
MAYORCA: Marilyn Muñoz Ricco
SKY: Gus Ibranyi
VY: Dania Ramos
NEMA: Christine Mariani
TATE: Lou Ricco
MICAH TAYMOR:  Mike Traynor
SOUND GUY (MLJ): Ernio Hernandez
Additional roles: Michael Aquino, Gus Ibranyi, Salvador Navarro, Dania Ramos

Cocotazo Audio Theatre is produced by Cocotazo Media in Essex County, New Jersey, which is situated on the traditional territory of the Leni Lenape people.