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Sep 4, 2018

A short play festival for your ears.


Director - Dania Ramos
Sound designer, audio engineer, original music - Michael Aquino

Dos Voces

Written by Walter F. Rodriguez

XAYMARA: Jessica Bracken
JOLANA: Alicia Rivas
MRS. GOODWIN: Jennica Carmona
PRINCIPAL: Dania Ramos


Written by Dania Ramos

COUPLE:  Michael Aquino & Dania Ramos

Crap was presented as a stage play as part of the 2015 New Jersey One Minute Play Festival hosted by Luna Stage. 

Boy Crazy

Written and performed by Nancy Méndez-Booth

ADDITIONAL ROLES: Michael Aquino, Dania Ramos

Cocotazo Audio Theatre is produced by Cocotazo Media in Essex County, New Jersey, which is situated on the traditional territory of the Leni Lenape people.