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Jun 16, 2017

Welcome to the Hot Drinks Cafe. Take a sip. Listen to life.


Writer, director - Dania Ramos
Sound designer, audio engineer - Michael Aquino

Theme Song, "Cape May Warbler" & "Calenture" written & performed by Michael Aquino
"Do Things" written and performed by Laree Cisco
"Why I Stay" written and performed by Declan Remus
"Sounds" written and performed by Ken Kusama
"In Dreams We Do" & "The Only Thing That Separates Us" written & performed by Deena Shoshkes

LIA: Dania Ramos
CONNER: Michael Aquino
JACKIE: Christine Mariani
EDINA: Monifa Brown
KAI: Salvador Navarro
SOUND GUY (MLJ): Ernio Hernandez
ARACELI: Leilany Figueroa
MOLINA: Rachel Faison
AMIR: Gus Ibranyi

Cocotazo Audio Theatre is produced by Cocotazo Media in Essex County, New Jersey, which is situated on the traditional territory of the Leni Lenape people.